Building Automation Gurus

Building Automation Controls Specialist.
Providing all of your building control needs, from programming and graphics to startup and commissioning. We can bring your HVAC, Lighting, Security, and energy control systems together in one easy to use and monitor front-end.

Upgrades And Conversions

Upgrades, Migrations & Conversions

In the age of the internet of things, building controls have caught up to the technological advancements enjoyed in other I.T. related fields. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your existing platform removing the JAVA and Flash plug-in requirements of last generation open platform providers; or move away from the locked down controls of proprietary systems.

Complete Building Controls Solutions

Complete Building Controls Solutions

With the use of open platforms and protocols we can now seamlessly program and integrate HVAC, lighting, metering & access controls into a single user interface accessible from anywhere, anytime; be it a small standalone site or multiple campuses spread across the globe.

Front-End User Design (GUI, UI, UX)

Front-End User Design (GUI, UI, UX)

While having properly functioning automation control is key to meeting your building's needs, overlooking your user interface can be a costly mistake. We can assist bringing your data to life with custom tailored data driven dashboard, menus, floorplans, heatmaps and 3D animated graphical interfaces for both desktop and mobile platforms.

On Site Training, Startup & Commissioning

On Site Training, Startup & Commissioning

Helping take your project the final mile, Building Automation Gurus can provide startup & commissioning to assure that all of your sites systems and components are designed, installed and tested properly. Combined with onsite operator training you can be sure your site will be operating and maintained according to the final operational requirements.

What We Offer

Getting Your Controls Current.

Building Automation Gurus can bring your controls up to date removing plug-in requirements or closed systems. Certified in all three versions of Tridium's Niagara product line: R2, Ax, N4, we are ready to assist in bring your system up to date.

Building Controls You Control

Utilizing open systems & protocols, integration of any vendors product line is possible be it with Lon, Modbus or BACnet or vendor specific protocols. Building Automation Gurus is highly experienced in a multitude of products and protocols and can get your control system function in the way you would expect.

Front-End Design

We offer the latest design with HTML5 / CCS3 graphics packages that can scale to work with both desktop and mobile interfaces completely customizable to meet your needs.

Security Solutions

Keep your open controls platform locked down. With a background in computer networking technology we can work with your I.T. staff to take advantage of the full end to end encryption utilized in Niagara N4. Combined with individual, per object user roles, we have the experience and tools to keep your systems safe.

Project Completion

Experienced with startup, commissioning and inhouse training, combined with our automation programming experience we can get all sequences verified, tuned and working as specified while at the same time providing your staff training on utilizing the user interface to leverage the controls fast and effectively.

Continued Service & Support

Needing to update or modify a sequence, add more alarm or trend points, change user configurations or update software revisions are among the many changes that are required to keep your systems function correctly. Let us know and we will meet your needs without delay.

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